So what's happening across the water?...

Gill Ward recorded her second album 'Piece Of Mind', in New York and England. Her frequent trips to play the clubs of Broadway, Greenwich Village and Bleeker Street have made her many friends in the stateside music business. She gathered a few of them together at The Blue Parrot Studio.

Take some drums...

What we hear on the album is full of springy swing drumming from the former Chet Baker band drummer Artt Frank. Using a light touch with brushes or sticks he is subtlety personified, yet with a kick that shows his historic roots in the big bands of yesteryear.
"Such a pleasure playing with Artt" recalls Gill "he's full of fun, too, and approaches every song with an infectious enthusiasm, invariably giving a new slant on each piece"

Add some bass...

A meeting with Phil Bowler, bass player and jazz DJ at radio station WPKN proved a real piece of good fortune. Phil had worked with bayou-legend Dr. John when he was special guest with the Donald Harrison band, recording "Indian Blues" on Candid Records* He immediately offered his services for Gill's upcoming recording sessions in the USA. Gill had been on the look-out for a bass player with deep soul, and Phil turned out to be just right. Phil also fronted the WKPN 'Jazz Adventures In America' radio show, Gill quickly found herself a regular guest on the show, and with her album tracks being aired in America.
*more about this session here

Other musicians were quickly assembled from New York's thriving jazz scene, including Joe McWilliams on piano and Matthew Criscoulo on sax. They headed off for Gold Coast's Blue Parrot Studios. The 'good vibes' and happy atmosphere generated are clearly in evidence on the tracks that were laid down.

If this has whetted your appetite for some of the USA recordings, you can preview excerpts from a couple of them on this page, 'Quicksand' and 'Miss Harper...' both being from the Blue Parrot sessions.

"Piece Of Mind"

Gill Ward - vocals
Ross Lawson - saxophones
James Pearson/Dave Cooke - piano
Alec Dankworth - bass
Sebastian de Krom - drums
Digby Fairweather - trumpet
Jim Mullen - guitar
and in the USA...
Matthew Criscoulo - saxophone
Joe McWilliams - piano
Phil Bowler - bass
Artt Frank - drums

Borrowed Time, Life's A Bitch, Quicksand, Miss Harper Goes Bizarre, Poisoned Kiss (USA), Just Doodling, Dream Of A Man, Tomato Ketchup, Poisoned Kiss (UK), Fairytale Romance.

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Borrowed Time
Miss Harper Goes Bizarre
Poisoned Kiss
Fairytale Romance Quicksand


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...a familiar visitor to the jazz clubs of New York...

Artt Frank  - survivor of the big band era

...with Phil Bowler, bass player and DJ at WPKN radio New York

...discussing interpretation with Joe McWilliams...

More pictures from Gill Ward's visits to New York