Contact Details for Gill Ward at foot of the pageGill Ward teaches vocal technique with particular regard to improvisation...

During 20th September - 6th December 2004 Gill is presenting vocal workshops for Castle Point District Council in partnership with schools and youth service

Gill Ward's numerous qualifications include the following:

BA Social Sciences
Post Graduate Award in Education (Creativity in Education)
Certificate of Qualification in Social Work
Diploma in Youth & Community Work
Further Education Teaching Certificate

Gill Ward does not confine herself to education and social work within music: her work within the community includes the following:

Social Services Department - Child Protection Work
Registered Foster Carer
Work as Guardian ad Litem in care proceedings
15 years holding various Management Roles within the Probation Service
Essex County Council - Portfolio Tutor, Youth & Community worker, Centre Manager
Senior Practitioner, Probation Service, working with dangerous/serious offenders serving life sentences - preparing reviews and parole reports.

Gill Ward has had seven years recent experience with facilitating music education for children and adults since qualifying in 1997.
What sets her apart more than anything is her willingness to employ openess, participation and new material: as a songwriter herself she is closely aware of the importance of improvisation in the realisation of potential. Using her own experiences as a practical touchstone, she is able to enthuse learners of all abilities to reach out and find the music within themselves.
So many organisations within East Anglia have benefitted from Gill's vibrant presence. As these photos show, where a trained sight-reader is needed, Gill is able to help out - becoming The Essex Youth Orchestra's percussionist for example!

Work Out...

Gill's workshops in and around S E Essex became popular with a broad range of amateur and semi-professional musicians, as it became apparent that her non-judgemental style and encouraging inclusivity were building blocks for the musically-eager of all ability-ranges.

As more and more musicians enrolled, it was possible to form a biggish jazz ensemble, and Gill was often to be found fronting the outfit with her spot-on intonation encouraging best performance from the instrumentalists.
Gill fronting a band of amateur players at The Grand Hotel, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Singers' Night - an invitation to all...

At numerous venues across S E Essex, Gill has organised her Singers' Nights - being just that - an invitation to all who would perform to come and join her with her piano trio or sometimes just a piano, and explore avenues of vocal performance in a supportive audience setting. Gill often returns to her home base at The Grand Hotel, Leigh-on-Sea, where she presents her vocal evenings in the Piano Bar. Many of her past, present and doubtless future students form the core of an enthusiastic audience.

"Piece Of Mind"

Gill Ward - vocals
Ross Lawson - saxophones
James Pearson/Dave Cooke - piano
Alec Dankworth - bass
Sebastian de Krom - drums
Digby Fairweather - trumpet
Jim Mullen - guitar
and in the USA...
Matthew Criscoulo - saxophone
Joe McWilliams - piano
Phil Bowler - bass
Artt Frank - drums

Borrowed Time, Life's A Bitch, Quicksand, Miss Harper Goes Bizarre, Poisoned Kiss (USA), Just Doodling, Dream Of A Man, Tomato Ketchup, Poisoned Kiss (UK), Fairytale Romance.

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Borrowed Time
Miss Harper Goes Bizarre
Poisoned Kiss
Fairytale Romance Quicksand


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Instrumental Music Facilitator - qualification in 1997 Some glowing words from Gill's Training Officer...

More photos taken from Gill Ward's various activities in the field of music education

Qualification from The Voice Plus course

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Piece Of Mind