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Gill Ward’s 2003 album "Piece Of Mind" combines her own unique songwriting style with an eclectic mix of compositions by her award-winning collaborator, Simon Balkham. Recorded on both sides of the Atlantic with some outstanding jazz players and guest soloists.
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Gill Ward had a 2002 full of landmark events and with the release of her long-awaited transatlantic album 'Piece Of Mind', 2003 is shaping up to be her most successful yet.
What sets her apart more than anything is her willingness to embrace new material: from award winning composer Simon Balkham, singer Brian Shaw and cornerstone of the UK music scene Dave Cooke to name but three. Add on to this her own compositions and an extremely careful choice of lesser-known standards, and it becomes obvious why Gill's unique recordings are eagerly awaited by her loyal fanbase.

"Piece Of Mind"

Gill Ward - vocals
Ross Lawson - saxophones
James Pearson/Dave Cooke - piano
Alec Dankworth - bass
Sebastian de Krom - drums
Digby Fairweather - trumpet
Jim Mullen - guitar
and in the USA...
Matthew Criscoulo - saxophone
Joe McWilliams - piano
Phil Bowler - bass
Artt Frank - drums

Borrowed Time, Life's A Bitch, Quicksand, Miss Harper Goes Bizarre, Poisoned Kiss (USA), Just Doodling, Dream Of A Man, Tomato Ketchup, Poisoned Kiss (UK), Fairytale Romance.

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Borrowed Time
Miss Harper Goes Bizarre
Poisoned Kiss
Fairytale Romance Quicksand

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